Monday, July 24, 2006

San Diego Comic-Con 2006

So I'm back from a long weekend that included a trip to the . I was very pleased with my visit, not in a small part due to the fact that I wasn't expecting to see much there that I really was looking forward to. Granted, the SDCC is just so darn large that you certainly won't get bored, it's just that I didn't know of too many artists that I was looking for there that I hadn't already met.

Well, it turned out once I started browsing around that I found quite a few good ones. Rather than rank the artists in terms of who I was most excited to see and therefore possibly slight somebody, I'll just tell you who I did see that excited me, and share a bit of the excitement.

Shortly after arriving, I overheard a couple walking past me having a discussion about a book the woman had just bought. "His name is 'Shannon'?" the man asked, looking at the signature on the cover. I spun towards them.

"Is Shannon Wheeler here?!" I asked. They verified that that was exactly who they were speaking of, and pointed me towards a stall overbrimming with merchandise, and Wheeler himself, natch. I picked up a signed copy of TMCM #10 and came back later for a T-shirt.

I then headed off to see one of the only artists that I was interested in that I was certain would be there, . I used to read her stuff all the time years ago, but had mainly lost track of her. I was glad to see her on the list of artists, and to find that she's still doing work despite being not nearly as well-known as she ought to be. I bought a comic for a friend and got it signed, and then bought a copy of "Real Cat Toons", which, as the site promises, came with an original drawing on the back. (I don't know if she always draws something like that; it may be because I mentioned my cat having just died.) She was a lovely, friendly person to talk to, and had a lot of cool freebies, including a parody comic about Christian intolerance towards homosexuals. (I'm hoping to share that with a few friends of mine; I'm hoping you know who you are, are reading this, and will e-mail me to tell me whether you'd like me to e-mail, snail mail, whatever the thing to you, if indeed you'd like it. Gregory said she not only doesn't mind it being copied, but hopes it does get copied regularly.)

Then I wandered off to find a few webcomics people I like, including Tycho and Gabe of and and Scott Kurtz of . I brought a copy of the strip that I'd linked to some time ago, and told him that as a Christian, I'd really liked it. He chuckled and began not only to sign, but to make a sketch. (Read the comic first before continuing this story; if offended, skip to the next paragraph.) I leaned over to see what he was drawing and groaned, "I'm going to regret this, aren't I?" His wife(?) exclaimed, "Oh, don't do that!" and he giggled gleefully and said, "But that's what it would be, wouldn't it?" I supposed so, but I told him I wouldn't frame it and put it up at the office.

Later, I ran into the creator of , Stephen Notley. The guy actually wears a flower costume, and seems to have a brain that's just as random and genius as his comic. Really a neat guy to meet, he seems like the sort of guy you'd have a blast just sitting and talking to for a couple hours.

Lastly, (I don't think I forgot anyone, that would be embarrassing), I managed to meet Jeff Keane, the current artist (and son of the original artist) of , who was kind enough to knock out a quick sketch for me.

Perhaps at a later date, I'll post some photos I took, who knows?


Liadan said...

*boggle* You were there? I was there! And I even went by Roberta Gregory's booth and talked to her. I even saw the nifty "God loves LGBTQs" tract too and told her about the parody tracts I did.

Dammit. I wish I'd known you were going so we could've had a mini-CHR meetup.

Brucker said...

Holy crap! When were you there? You shoulda let me know.

marauder said...

Hey, *I* knew she was there, man. I even sent her an e-mail too late for her to get it, wishing her a good trip.

Got a kick out of Kurtz' cartoon. Most clever. (You really ought to put it up at your office, at least assuming you've already given two weeks' notice.)

I am most curious to see the tract. Any chance you can post it somewhere as you did the Kurtz and Keane cartoons?

Brucker said...

Here is a sample photo I took, facial expressions crying out for captions. I will probably put up more later.

(Note that I'm not trying to make fun of any of these people. I thought it was cool, too, and there really was a sign, if you look closely.)