Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This woman is my blogging hero

The Bloggess on going to an inauguration party:

It just occurred to me that this could be some sort of sting, like when they tell wanted felons that they won a boat and then when the felon goes to pick it up it’s all police dogs and mace. If I don’t update this post it’s probably because all of this is some sort of elaborate set-up. And then when the police arrest me John McCain jumps out and is all “Seriously? You thought the black guy won?!” That would totally suck.
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marauder said...

Fortunately, if it WAS a hoax, it's one that they're afraid to end. We're now in Day 2 of the Obama presidency.

And somehow neither has the world ended, nor have my grandparents returned to life...

(The word is "latidi." Not sure what it means, but doesn't it sound excited?)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

1. You're awesome. Thank you!

2. Are you sure your grandparents haven't returned from the dead? They're probably just stuck in their graves waiting for you. They're not superheroes, they're just regular zombies brought back to life by the president. Sometimes we have to take responsibility for ourselves and dig up our own dead grandparents. I'm pretty sure that was in his inaugural speech.

Brucker said...

1. Jenny! I'm starstruck! Seriously, if I could blog like anyone, I'd probably blog like you, but with less mention of vaginas.

2. I'll tell marauder to double-check. We'd hate to be leaving our zombie grandparents out of the inauguration festivities.

3. My word verification is "dones", which may actually be a real word, but if so, it's pretty dull.