Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Enough with the damn penguins already!

Okay, it's not funny anymore. Or maybe it is, but I'm getting sort of tired of it.

In the last week, this blog has had 36 hits, and 33 of them were from people doing a Google search for pictures of sexy penguins. That's about 92%, for those of you who are into percentages. (Great, in the midst of a post essentially complaining about Rule #34, I'm contributing...) I've got sexy penguin seekers from Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and of course plenty right here in the USA.

Seriously, what's the deal? Has the recent spate of Penguin movies suddenly got everyone hot and bothered for a little penguin action? Is there nothing in the modern world that is beyond fetishizing? What's next, sexy trilobites?

Look, I don't know, alright? Maybe if you stumbled upon my blog looking for a sexy penguin, it was just some sort of joke. I know there are people who use odd search strings just for comedy value, but it's likely that there are folks out there typing the word "penguin" with one hand, know what I mean?

Seriously, dudes.... Get some help.


- A said...

No penguin love here. I was clearing out the VL of a forum I made private and there you were. I saw your blog in your profile.

Hope you're well.


Brucker said...

You can't fool me; you're looking for pictures of naked ninjas! (Any bets on how many web hits I get from people looking for "naked ninjas" now that I've said it?)

marauder said...

I have a similar problem on my blog with the phrase "hydroencephalitis." I even had one chap ask when I was going to put up more links to other sites with info on hydrocephaly. (Um, never? It's a blog for navel-gazing, not a medical web site.)

Brucker said...

WHereas I have pretty much consigned myself to the idea that I'm eventually going to need to do a five-part series on the mating habits of Aptenodytes forsteri.