Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A spiritual quest

I've been too busy lately with my new job to post much, but I thought I could throw together a quick post on a topic that continues to entertain me. My traffic stats. Now while I've been trying very hard to push myself as the leading authority on Complete Crap, but seem to have slipped a bit in the ranking somehow, there are certain things that I can be proud of.

People all over the Internet are searching for things, and occasionally, they find them here in my humble blogs. My advice for other bloggers is never to underestimate the power of poor spelling. As I once commented in my other blog:

I'm glad to see that thanks to anonymous, this blog was located by a blog search for "canabis outdoors fertilisers". Evidently, I will continue to be a popular blog for stoners with questionable spelling skills.
Likewise, here in this blog, I've noticed an upswing in people wondering what Christianity teaches about "mastubation" finding me out through searches like "christian gay blogger mastubation", "does god approve of mastubation" and "videos of mastubation in human beings". I hope through the serendipity of my omission of an 'r', I managed to enlighten these people. No video, though. Sorry. Wait, no I'm not.

It seems that I continue to be a popular destination for people looking for sexy penguins, too. (And how can I forget that other lovely search result?!) While the actual sexy penguin traffic is not huge, I enjoy mentioning it for the mere fact that it will allow me to reuse the tag I created for the article. Penguin sex! Penguin sex! Penguin sex! Actually, I probably should be worried...

Of course, just as I largely got my new job because I knew someone in the company, a fair amount of web traffic comes through association. I seem to get a lot of hits coming through Arbuckle, a parody of Garfield that I suspect both fans and haters of Garfield would enjoy. I know I do. I also get some people passing through from lonelygirl15, an Internet phenomenon that I plan to write a post on some time in the near future. Not so much funny, but a very interesting art form in its own way.

In my other blog, the search terms can always be curious. I get far more hits there overall, but here are a few interesting ones: "the 7 plagues that hit pharoah" Time for a recount? "angel makes the earth rotate so satan would be in light" Wow, there's got to be an interesting story behind that one. "the bible verse with anybody without sin caused the first stone" Actually, this is an interesting bit of creative spelling, as a Christian would believe that Jesus is not only the one man without sin, but also the person who created/caused the first stone, heh. "bashemath's husband" This is interesting because the Bible has a bit of confusion over who Bashemath's father was, but none at all about the identity of her husband. So who knows what this guy was looking for?

Hmm, I guess it's been slow lately, but help me out. Leave a bizarre comment that will bring some interesting searches here. I'm bored. Whoops, gotta go, somebody is searching for sexy penguins again...

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Brucker said...

Okay, this is really disturbing. At current, fully one-third of the last 100 hits have been from people looking for a picture of a sexy penguin, and 11 out of twelve hits today are from penguin-seekers.